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Jay Wang, L.Ac., PhD

Jay Wang is a licensed acupuncturist and a martial art practitioner . He has been involved in natural healing and body wellness for over 40 years.

Jay Wang was born in a family with significant backgrounds in both Chinese medicine and martial art — these two profound ancient arts are essential to body wellness. His maternal great grandfather was a famous Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor in Shanghai and was honored to be one of the best doctors in the late Chin dynasty. His maternal side of the family has been doing TCM for centuries. On the other side of the pedigree, Wang’s paternal family roots heavily on martial arts and they used to reside in mountain Wu Dang, where tai chi and the internal martial art styles were developed. His ancestor was a martial art champion, and his paternal great grandfather was the chief martial art instructor of the army in Chin dynasty. With such solid backgrounds in body wellness, Wang strongly believes the effectiveness of health tuning for his patients.  His methodology of treatments is typically based on (1) energy balancing with acupuncture stimulations, (2) yin-yang harmonization with natural herbal medicine, and (3) overall energy tuning by static or dynamic qi-gong practice.  Such methodology is very safe and clinically effective. Patients’ testimonials can be acquired upon requests.

Jay Wang’s expertise in body wellness includes pain management, spinal care, sports injury, sports performance enhancement, allergy symptom relief, post-stroke rehab, and general internal medicine, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), insomnia, energy tuning, etc. Please feel free to call our front desk for an appointment and initial counseling.

Professionally, Jay Wang has volunteered in numerous free acupuncture clinics in the bay area and will continue doing so on quarterly basis. At his free time, Jay Wang is normal family man, yet an avid martial art practitioner. He was once awarded with D1 scholarship for wrestling due to his achievement in Judo during his younger days.