Sports Performance Enhancement

Typically, athletes do physical training to strengthen their muscles, tendons, ligaments for their performance in sports in order to be quicker, stronger, and swifter. This type of training will take a while because conventional training has to take time in order for muscles to develop. Often times, the physical bodies of athletes just may not be able to handle the training intensity and hence, they may be more prone to injuries, like the NBA star Yao Ming.

The idea of using acupuncture along with physical training to help athletes to achieve better performance is a new philosophy, which emphasizes on improving the athlete’s physiology with acupuncture first, and then the physical training. Throughout the process, acupuncture will be used to target the weakness of the athlete, and the physical training validates the athlete’s progress. For example, if an athlete has an imbalance of his shoulder muscles, he needs to work on his trapezius during the offseason. We can use acupuncture to increase the circulation of the target muscles and reduce the imbalance of the muscles. As the acupoints are carefully chosen, the athlete’s serratus anterior and trapezius can both be relaxed, and hence the scapula and the shoulder joint can be stabilized. During the treatment, the athlete will be required to do stretching exercises to ensure the balance of his shoulder muscles.

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