Pain Management

There are pain receptors throughout the body. People feel pain whenever these receptors get stimulated. However, there are many sources or depths of pain, such as skin, fascia, muscle, tendon, ligament, and bones. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the methodology for getting rid of pain is simple and straightforward. There is an old saying “不通則痛”, which means the pain will occur whenever the qi (energy) is blocked. So, making the energy flow smoothly in the body is the key to reducing or removing the pain.

How do we exactly reduce the pain? As the meridians interconnect the whole body from organs to the skin, we can choose proper acupoints to smooth out the qi blockage. When the blockage is being removed, the problem area will be more relaxed and the circulation will better. For example, the acupoint SI3 on Small Intestine meridian can take care of headache or neck pain around the vertebrae. Many tough chronic headaches or migraines could be resolved by stimulating this acupoint.

In our clinic, I treat many tough cases with success. Some of them are shown below:

  • Headaches & Migraines (top of the head, temple, behind the eyes, back of the head, neck, etc.)
  • Shoulder pain (frozen shoulder, injury, muscle tear, calcium in the shoulder, misaligned bones, etc.)
  • Pain from the vertebrae (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, misalignment, degeneration, sciatica, arthritis, etc.)
  • Elbow (tennis elbow, misaligned bones, injury, etc.)
  • Wrist (injury, misaligned wrist bones, De Quervain’s disease, etc.)
  • Hand and fingers (injury, trigger finger, dislocated bones, neuropathy, etc.)
  • Knee pain (arthritis, bone to bone, ligament, meniscus, etc.)
  • Ankle (injury, torn ligament, misaligned bones, etc.)
  • Foot and toes (gout, injury, misaligned or dislocated bones, bunion, neuropathy, etc.)
  • Stomach or abdomen ache
  • Rib pain or fractured rib
  • Hip pain
  • Pain all over the body
  • Night Pains

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