The practice of acupuncture is based on the theory of meridians. The meridians are like highways connecting the internal organs to the surface of the body, whereas there are many acupoints on a meridian to regulate the energy traversing through it. For example, as shown in the following picture of a classic acupuncture book, the bladder meridian passes through the eye, head, back, thigh, calf, and foot, and also connects the bladder. As a result, stimulating the proper acupoints on this meridian can treat eyesight, headache, backpain, leg pain, planter fasciitis, and frequent urination.

Typically in our clinic, we insert the smallest amount of needles to acquire the maximum result. The acupuncture session usually lasts for about 45+ minutes to ensure that the patient has quality care and the best treatment results.


Classical Chinese Medicine is one type of herbal formula practice that follows the guidelines from the books of Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue. This type of herbal practice is very effective in treating many health conditions even to this date. The reason for its effectiveness is based on the patient’s state of energy, such as thirstiness, urination difficulty, taste in the mouth, appetite, pain or discomfort in certain area of the body, coating of the tongue, color of the eyes, etc. After figuring out what went wrong with the patient’s state of energy, the prescribed formula could improve the body wellness with significant results. Please note that herbs are not covered by insurance, so it’s only prescribed on inquiry.


Cupping is commonly used as a way to get rid of deep inflammation in the body. It’s very useful to facilitate the blood flow and enhance circulation in the body. For example, Michael Phelps and Russel Westbrook are two of the most well-known athletes that use cupping to help them reduce their muscle tightness, hence, their unmatched athletic ability on the court and in the pool.

Cupping therapy, woman doctor removes cup from the patient’s back

Stretching/Yoga/Rehab Methods

Based on my many years of experience in this field, I have designed many body exercise methods to help patients get rid of pains or improve their wellness. These kinds of exercises involve the combination of stretching, breathing, and mind focusing. With the help of these exercises, the patients can target the weakness in their body and improve their overall wellness.

Qi Gong & Tai Chi

Tai chi and qi gong are commonly used to increase some one’s energy with less physical challenge to the body, so it’s very ideal and popular for seniors or just some one who wants to improve his body without going to the gym.