Sports Injury

The difference between sports injury and common pains is the athlete usually wants to be pain free and also be able to perform as well as the past. Acupuncture treatment is great for this purpose because not only it takes care of the pain, but it can also improve the circulation and strength of the injured area. With the proper exercise designed by me during acupuncture treatment, the athletes could achieve faster recovery time compared to getting the treatment of physical therapy only.

There are different types of injuries. Based on the physical depth of them, the injuries can be categorized as related to bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, fascia, skins, or even nerves. For distal acupuncture, the acupoints chosen for treatment are far away from the injured area, so the patient can do rehab exercise while having an acupuncture session. With proper insertion depths of the acupuncture needles on the distal acupoints, the injured spot (whether it’s bone, ligament, tendon, muscle, fascia, or skin) can be treated with great results.

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